Presseschau: Walkers Abwahl

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Ronnie O’Sullivan im Daily Express:

“I am ecstatic. This paves the way for Barry Hearn. He is the best person I have worked with in snooker. The previous board were out of touch with what the public wanted. This could prove to be a great day for our sport.”

Journalist Phil Yates in der Times:

“The WPBSA accounts to June 30, 2009, show that Walker claimed commissions on contracts negotiated in his salaried role as chairman. In addition, Walker’s ‘fees and pensions’ package increased to £54,600 in a year that brought 10 per cent cuts to WPBSA staff wages.”

Journalist Clive Everton im Guardian:

“While the WPBSA is the recognised professional governing body, Walker and McMahon remain directors of its commercial subsidiary, World Snooker Ltd.”

“Through his company, Matchroom, Hearn has since diversified widely into everything from boxing to angling, tenpin bowling, pool and the chairmanship of Leyton Orient. Most notably, as chairman of the Professional Darts Council, he has increased annual prize money for its circuit from £500,000 to £5m – a strong recommendation to most of the voters at the AGM.”

Hearn selbst äußert sich im Daily Telegraph:

“We’ve got to create instantly. By the time the World Championship comes up (in April), I’ll have a published masterplan. It will be brutally honest and transparent and will create opportunities for people to play in the competitive game.”

“If it doesn’t work, I expect to be kicked out.”

Und zur WM im Crucible ebenda:

“I’m nostalgic, I remember good days at the Crucible. I do see it as a UK event but that doesn’t mean there can’t be bigger events (overseas). I don’t close the door and don’t say never. But, unless there is quantum change, I don’t see why we should take it away.”

Hearn äußerte sich auf sportinglife.com zur Players Association, die bisher von der WPBSA völlig ignoriert wurde:

“From now on everything is in the open: good news, bad news, it will be honest news.”

“How can you not talk to people who are your best assets?”

“It comes the under category of ‘very silly’. As long as it’s honest, people will put up with that. Without the players, we have no business.”

Die Daily Mail kommentiert:

“The sport simply must be expanded and extended beyond its usual frontiers.”

“New fans across Europe have embraced the game, largely due to the many hours of continuous coverage on satellite television channel Eurosport. It must surely be time for a ranking event to be held in mainland Europe.”

“And having spent time in China for last year’s Olympic Games, it was an eye-opener to see just how popular the game is over there. Millions watch the sport on television regularly, and the top stars are hero-worshipped.”

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Xristjan 3. Dez.., 16.03 Uhr

Man darf gespannt sein…

RonnieRulez 6. Dez.., 18.57 Uhr

Hauptsache, es ändert sich irgendwas.
Allerdings steht der Name Steve Davis jetzt nicht gerade für revolutionäre Innovation.

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